The present day I am going to telleth thee about something I didst that I bethought I would nev’r doth. I didst something that madeth me the sir I am the present day. I hath killed an innocent sir, and receiveth this, in his catch but a wink.

T all beganeth at which hour King Duncan and his sons visited mine home. Mine wife creatively planned Duncan’s murder and I wenteth through with t. I wanted to beest King so badly that I wast willing to doth anything. The plan wast perfect. Drug the guards to Duncan’s room, killeth that gent in his catch but a wink, and censure t on the malt-worm guards who won’t recall a thing. Ahh, perfect.

Mine wife wast unable to doth the deed herself because Duncan reminded that lady of that lady father. Oh well. At the time I couldn’t believeth what I hadst done. I wast flooded with guilt. Mine wife pushed me to forget. Twas mine wife that I has’t to thank for becoming the King. His sons fled at which hour those gents hath found their father dead. Valorous riddance. I becameth King at that.


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