I wilt now beest telling the story of how I hath killed Banquo. Ahh, I recall t like twas yesterday. Such an exhilarating crime. Banquo wast invited to mine home to stayeth with mine family for a few days

I lied to that gent all that day. “Have a valorous ride Banquo”, “safe trip”, “watch out for those murderers”. If ‘t be true only that gent hadst known. Ha! I hadst conversed with the murderers and persuaded those folk to killeth Banquo and his son. Once I hadst got the word that Banquo hadst been hath killed, but his son hadst gotten hence, I kind of got out of handeth. I wast so fell. Mine wife calmed me

Anon that night at dinner I could has’t sworn I hadst seen Banquo sitting in mine seat at dinner. I believeth I wast worried because his son hadst escaped. Who knoweth. Or maybe t very much wast his ghost from below. I distinctly recall feeling especially guilty that time. If ‘t be true only I could telleth mine past self twas all for the best.

I would like to thank everyone for reading mine latest blog posts and hopefully enjoying those folk.


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